Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stupid War Commander Hack

War Commander comes to Facebook from the same developers that brought Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates to the social media giant. The game features base building, resource collection, the use of technology, and building military units. You can build these units and control them in battle against NPC bases or other Facebook players.

My guess is you are at this website because you heard of this, STUPID, EASY, FREE hack method for War Commander.

You've probably watched a lot of YouTube videos dealing with using Cheat Engine to hack the game, but most of those sadly get quickly PATCHED. 

Even if those methods don't get patched, they are still stupid complicated and require tons of work and knowledge. You know how to use your computer but you don't know how the inner workings of it function and using Cheat Engine requires that.

So instead..

There's a new, easy to use, free, simple hacking tool for War Commander. Although the tool is written in C# it will run on either Mac, PC, or Linux distributions.The main method this uses is attacking the $POST element on the server-side scripting that is written in PHP. Exploiting this is easy once you understand how PHP works.

Instead of learning PHP, I've made a program that will hack the server using my new, working algorithms.

stupid war commander


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