Saturday, February 4, 2012

Download Hacking Program!

War Commander Hack for Facebook
Want to own everyone in the new Facebook game War Commander? Well you can now. Download this hacking program and beat everyone. Download this hacker now for free metal, oil, energy, and even coins! This hacking tool has the ability to change your entire game play. Now you won't spend hours and hours waiting; you will spend hours and hours WINNING! This program has completely changed the way I play video games because now instead of waiting for game I make the game FUN again. Playing video games should be like a job, they should be enjoyable! And that's what this hacking program does for you.


  • Hack Metal
  • Hack Oil
  • Replenish Power
  • Add Coins (In Beta Mode)
This hacker wasn't developed by me but I am sharing with you guys just because it's helped my game so much that I wanted others to benefit as well.

stupid war commander

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